Business IT Support

If you are a start-up, small, medium or even large business you can benefit from our expert advice. A new set of eyes can often see the issues you may have missed and suggest cost-effective improvements to your systems.┬áMany businesses neglect critical risks with a ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ mind set.


When an IT disaster disrupts a business it can be both devastating and very expensive to fix.

Examples of issues we have helped with:

  • Switch failures causing loss of all systems.
  • Power outages resulting in loss of services
  • Power outages causing server failures and corruption of data
  • Software licensing issues
  • Security breaches
  • Sensitive data not secured or lost
  • Critical data kept on external drives which then fail
  • Trojan Horse virus infections allowing remote access to PCs or servers
  • Reliance on single broadband feeds with no backup which then fail.
  • Virus infections
  • Loss of email
  • Loss of domain name
  • Running networks with either no firewall or with a poorly configured firewall.
  • Companies operating with no IT policy leaving them legally and commercially vulnerable.
  • Employees having access to sensitive data which is in breach of legislation or company policy (e.g. payroll )
  • Computer misuse by employees which has legal implications for the business
  • Using unauthorised or poorly secured cloud storage to keep sensitive business information.

All the above could have been prevented by pre-identifying the issues in an audit carried out by one of our IT consultants.