Network Support

Computer Networks are probably one of the most important and least understood technologies that your business relies on.

As a business grows into the web and expands internally often its network just ‘evolves’ and reaches a point where it is no longer fit for purpose.

Network Support






Design is the key

For example, a network that was designed for 5 users may not scale well as your business grows.

Similarly, if your company is shrinking or moving site, you will often benefit from a review of your network design.

Good network design can increase your business’s efficiency, reliability and most importantly save you money.

What can go wrong?

In a poorly designed or poorly maintained network the risk of an network outage significantly increases.

A network outage means that your business could lose:

  1. All of its internet connections
  2. The ability to send and receive emails
  3. The telephone system if it is IP based
  4. Internal connections between workstations and servers, printers etc.

A business in this situation is severely hampered and the longer the network outage continues,  the worse the situation can become.

What can you do?

The first step is to understand the risks.

We can help by surveying your network and connectivity to web based services.

From this we will provide the following so you can take any steps required to reduce the likelihood of network outage:

  1. A report giving you an understanding of the network you currently have in place.
  2. The risks (if any) presented to your business given the current situation.
  3. Recommendations to address any high risks which you may need to urgently consider.
  4. Advice on how to improve network efficiency, reliability and save costs.