IT Security and Auditing

Not all businesses are aware of the risks of poor IT security.

When all your information is held electronically it is vulnerable to those who know how to bypass IT security systems (Hackers).


Example from HM Government






















We can audit your security and advise on how it can be improved (hardened).

In the meantime please consider the following changes to your business practices and download the PDF

  • Download software updates and in particular security updates (e.g. Microsoft)
  • Delete suspicious emails and do not open them
  • Use strong passwords on all systems
  • Use anti-virus software and make sure it is updated and set up correctly
  • Train your staff to check the above
  • If you lose a business related IT device immediately change all passwords and assess the risks


Simple advice from HM Government:

BIS-15-147-small-businesses-cyber-guide-March-2015 (1)

Original link: