Backup Services

‘Backups are a key element in your business surviving physical and IT disasters’


As part of a business’s IT Disaster Recovery (DR) plan and also the IT Business Continuity Plan (BCP) reliable backups of all critical data are essential.

The IT policy which underpins both of these is called the Backup and Restore Policy.

If your business does not have this in place you are taking significant risks.

If you are not sure start by asking the following questions:

  • Who makes the policy that determines what files and computers are backed up, and how is the policy made known?
  • Who is responsible for performing backups?
  • If backups occur automatically, who handles interruptions such as error messages?
  • Who does the backup when the assigned backup operator is unavailable?
  • To whom is the success or failure of a backup reported? Who notifies the users if a backup fails?

AMYNTAS consultants can help identify weaknesses and omissions in your current Backup and Restore Policy and create one if required.


What is a backup?

Backup is the activity of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. Backup is usually a routine part of the operation of large businesses with mainframes as well as the administrators of smaller business computers. For personal computer users, backup is also necessary but often neglected. The retrieval of files you backed up is called restoring them.


Where does it ‘backup’ to?

In the past tape storage was the preferred medium for backups as it was portable (take off site) and reliable. Tape backup is still popular but other options have become available with the advent of ‘The Cloud’

Tape Backup

A single tape drive or a ‘Tape Library’ is used to centrally backup all critical data to tape as shown in the following image.

  Tape Backup

  Cloud Backup

Some business are opting to use cloud storage as a secondary backup option as shown below:

Cloud Backup

The 3rd option

Some business are choosing to move both servers and backups into the cloud. This gives them cost savings on both the servers (hardware, power etc.) and a reliable backup of the data.

Cloud Backup and Storage

How can AMYNTAS help?

We can look at your budget and requirements and tailor matching backup solution options for you to consider.

If you have a current backup solution in place:

Our Consultants can review, link or create:

Your Backup and Restore Policy

Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Your IT Business Continuity Plan

AMYNTAS can also review your current backup solutions operation and reliability and make suggestions for any improvement and cost savings