IT Auditing

An IT audit (or review) can be carried out by one of our consultants.

Why would you need an audit or review ?







There are various types of IT audit but it is surprising how many customers do not know:

  • The number of IT devices they own
  • If the devices are secure or patched with the latest updates
  • If all installed software is licensed leaving them vulnerable to possible litigation
  • If their IT hardware is failing or currently supported by the manufacturer ( end- of- life )
  • If they have their IT infracstructure documented in case of an emegency or disaster
  • If they have all the usernames and passwords for all the devices they own
  • What they will do if there is a sudden failure of one of their critical IT devices

Types of audits we offer:

Systems and Applications Audit – An audit to verify that systems and applications are appropriate and efficient. (This would cover all IT equipment and software or just those specifically requested)

Systems Security Audit – To  discover any weaknesses in the security of  your IT systems.

Systems Development Audit -An audit to verify that the systems under development meet the objectives of the business.


What do you get at the end of the audit ?

Hopefully,  peace of mind that your IT systems are fully functioning, secure and fit for purpose.

If not the report will  list any issues we find along with practical recommendations on how they can be addressed.

In the case of the Systems and Applications Audit the report will contain a full inventory of systems and software you have in place