At AMYNTAS we offer an extensive range of IT consultancy services.
As we are independent from any IT hardware and software providers we can give you real and honest advice on your business IT requirements.

Why should you consider bringing in a consultant before buying IT products and services ?

  • IT suppliers are in business to make money. Some are excellent at customer service whilst unfortunately others are not.
  • Even large IT companies are in the business of selling what they know and this may not be what you need.
  • Sales models mean you will be most likely dealing with a sales person or account manager and not an IT engineer who understands the nuts and bolts of what you are buying.
  • The next big thing may not be what you need or perhaps the pros and cons may not have been explained to you.
  • IT Jargon can be confusing. We will demystify anything you need (or want) to know and explain exactly what it means in everyday language.
  • IT support and delivery contracts can be a minefield to the unwary. Let us explain exactly what services you are under contract to receive and the best way to utilise them.
  • If you don’t have a contract or are unhappy with your present provider let us help you move to a more suitable provider.


To put it simply:   IT products and services are expensive commitments.

Would you make any other major purchase on the advice of someone who doesn’t fully understand what they are selling ?

Would you make any other major purchase if you did not fully understand what you are buying ?

Think house, car or even an item of jewellery. If you need help to get a full understanding of your IT services and costs we are here to help you and may even save you money .


Not sure, but would like to ask a question ?

email us using a form (Click Me)

email: enquiries@amyntas.co.uk

Or phone us on 0161 4082323 (9 am to 5:30 pm  Monday – Friday)

*We don’t employ sales people and will never pass your details on to any other company or individual*


Things to remember:

  1. We are totally independent.
  2. We are not re-sellers and have no ties to any IT company or IT services supplier.
  3. We are not receiving any commission or bonuses and will not attempt to sell you any products or services.
  4. We sell results. Our only commitment is to ensure your IT systems are working for your business.
  5. We are North West based and welcome the opportunity to work with clients in the following general area: